• Skye Pepper

The Conundrum of Being Alone

Baby photos galore

What a bore

Just kidding, so beautiful

An expecting mom with a bump

also stunning

But mind-numbing for those of us on a different path

Meandering through life

Impulsive decisions and circumstances lead to a life full of short romance that is fleeting

Love comes and goes but mostly stays away

Lost in a world of social media posts of adoration and affection

Loneliness brews on those days of the month that no female enjoys

What can you to do but continue on

In this exact moment I feel lucky to be alone

The next I feel the tears could flow as steadily as a river raging after rain

My heart aches simultaneously to my soul singing free

The burden of me, a strong independent individual not prescribing to the picket fence.

I'd rather be alone than the wrong person

But do my standards not allow for the right person?

Some find the one early, some arrive late, and for some their searching is never done.

Am I caught on a hamster wheel spinning my heels to no avail?

Racing and chasing always landing in the same spot in which I begun

I’m tired of being alone whilst tired of being told it's not okay to be alone

In this moment I feel l am exactly where I need to be

But in the next I miss affection and connection

Why do I want perfection?

Is it a desire for a fabricated person atop a pedestal?

Or have I simply not found the one to keep me still?

In this exact moment I feel content to be alone

And that is okay.

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