• Skye Pepper

Predate Contemplations

Internal dialogue of a distressed mind

Dating in Covid times…

Maybe I should just stay in

And remain single until the vaccinations begin.

But I’m lonely and want to cuddle.

But they are strangers not in my bubble...

How do I navigate a social distance date?

What should I wear?

Does my mask match my outfit?

Should I put a mask on, or will they care?

Oh shit, will they wear a mask?

If they don’t- is it rude of me to ask?

I wonder, where and when should we meet?

Outside is best - but then how can I drink?

Will they or won’t they stay 6 feet?

Or perhaps it doesn’t matter if they are double vaxed?

Oh my, maybe it’s time I got a wax…

More importantly - will their looks match their pics?

Will they be slick?

Will we click?

What if there is silence?

What if they only talk about science?

Will I be a bore?

How many times have they done this before?

How big is their bubble?

If we kiss, will I be in trouble?

Will they be the One?

Or just have fun and be done?

What if they are a jerk?

What if I’ve forgotten how to flirt?

How do I bail if it is a disaster?

Blame Covid, that worked with the last girl.

Will they be cheesy?

Will I be silly?

Will they be witty?

Oh my, will they kill me?

Are they a psychopath killer?

Am I stepping into my own thriller?

Shall I even bother?

Coffee seems safe.

Will they pay or go splits?

Should I offer to pay or just ditch?

Hmm...yes…What’s new on Netflix.


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