• Skye Pepper


Updated: Apr 27

Mountains glisten

Raindrops fall

Squirrels ramble

And birds fly tall

Trees bend in a wind mighty fierce

While the spruce tips flounder

Weight down by dense droplets

which drip to the ponds

where the frog leaps with glee

And his friend the salamander jumps free

Within this forest

Lives a fairy

Who prances through puddles

and dances atop mushrooms and flora

Her wings flutter gently

As she searches for her elf

Who lives amongst the green fir trees

Living his life not knowing of she

Oblivious to the love the tiny fairy brings

Each day she watches him from afar

Her heart is full though broken

Unnerved desire

Unhindered longing

Invisible to his eyes, she hovers

Thinking of what could be

If only he could see she

She could try a spell

To give him fairy sight

With that thought!

She revels in delight

But shyness quickly overcomes

What if her sight gives him a fright?

What if her love is not returned?

As she contemplates the endless possibilities

A beautiful elf approaches he

They embrace and their lips lock tenderly

The fairy cries tears of sorrow

But before she flys away

Knowing that she cannot return tomorrow

She waves her wand

To summon the fireflies from the pond

To dazzle the lovers

And enhance the romance

As a parting gift to the one that she loves who cannot see she

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