• Skye Pepper

For What, Because Why?

Twelve years young

Two long braids neatly hung

Piercing brown eyes

Heart of gold and soul that's true

Comes upon a group with no clue

"Go back to the rez"

Says the prejudice

"You are not welcome here"

The hateful unaware

Of how much their slander penetrates deep

Emotions inside, she cannot keep

Confidence shred

Insecurities fed

Tears flow

Wrists cut

For what

Because why?

Actions inhuman

Treated as if not human

Less than because of her skin

For what

Because why?

To those who are the ignorant

That judge another

Think that one is better

Forgive my rant

but go on - this can't

To those with ancestors

Who roamed here first

Please trust that although

There are idiotic hounds full of hate

There are others full of love

Your journey and struggles

I cannot begin to understand

But please know that I stand

With you

No one is deserving of discrimination

Unforgivable unforgettable

Deeds of hate and distaste

For what

Because why?

Where does this hate come from?

"Stereotypes are there for a reason"

Ignorance leads to insolence

Striking others down to lift oneself up

It's fucked up


That can't see past their own ass

Only seeing their misguided perception

Full of misconception

Overlooking history

Kids locked away

Parents with no say

Nations perished

Land taken

Dilapidated land given

Partitioned to pitiful plots

Basic human rights forgot

As some are still caught in a draught

With no clean water to drink

Worse yet, it shatters me to think

Of the daughters, mothers, sisters

ignored on the Highway of Tears

How many years must this systemic racism continue?

Disproportionate imprisonment

Disproportionate Impoverishment

For what

Because why?

Why did those wicked bullies make the innocent girl cry?

Spouting unwarranted words

Is it to bolster oneself higher by driving down the other?

Why is there such a need?

I plead to look into ourselves instead

Understand the fear and hate is mislead

Tell me what I can do

To stop this imbalanced state

To cease all this inequality and hate

Can we not recognize

We are born into our lot

Situation given, we choose not

The choices we make now define us

We can choose to seek the ugly in ourselves and others

Or choose to find beauty in ourselves and others

We can choose to hate

Or choose to love

I choose to love

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