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Dear Seth Rogan - Letter 4 - Tangental magical wonderings of an intoxicated mind

Dear Seth Rogan,

I am very excited to be writing to you tonight. I feel like the juices are flowing more than ever as carrots are crunching after riding my bike home from the bar. I had these delectable gummies, only a half at a time, and oh my do they make me feel fantastic and easy breeze chill as fuck. To be honest I cut my hair a little bit more loose than usual and actually, it turned out alright in the end but the bangs were much shorter than intended as I really never intended on bangs at all. But this is probably boring to you, though who knows is that a gender stereotype I’ve placed on you? it is really hard these days to know what will offend. I know in the end I will always be a bit offensive, maybe maybe not.

I digress. I am elated to be writing to you as my idea for this letter came not from a prompt but from my discoveries on my way home and at the bar. My roommate who thinks herself a witch has a pendulum which answered some questions in the rightest way possible. I must admit at first I was skeptical - she's clearly moving her hand and plays a hand. What she wants is what the pendulum will say. Once I said this to her and she explained that looking away results in the same way and that it is the universe moving her hand I thought maybe it was her subconscious moving her hand but it appears that we are all energy so who am I to say?

Regardless the pendulum was dead right with all of its answers to my delight - it said no it is not in my best interest to attempt to write in the bar, but yes it is in my best interest to write at home after I biked - I must say it went in circles of spinning craziness when I spoke and biking then writing. And then by the power of the energy creator who is neither female nor male - on my bike ride home, I decided that a pendulum is exactly what my story needed in the chapter that I was writing at the bar before my roommate came to join - I wrote of a map, but was not content with that. In fact, I did not like the idea of a map. It did not sit well at all at all - but a magic swinging pendulum - a crystal of vibrant colour perhaps that circles yes or swings vertical to say no, well that just makes the most sense for my character to behold.

Now I do not know yet how it is she comes to hold such an item, though I do know that it will be incorporated - so as I mentioned before I am absolutely elated, beaming from ear to ear, what a year, going on about the book, I feel like I’m off the hook, that was only to rhyme I’ve lost the sense of time and need to get into a sentence that has a point instead of just wanting to roll a joint, though I’ve decided that a joint is far too much but a little one-hitter would be fitter than anything else - and the gummies oh my what a treat, they are so sweet.

Ok, I need to stop writing for writing sake, or you will think I’m a fake.

Oh, I wore makeup today, which you don’t know but it is kind of a big deal, I do not wear it often but today I wore it to try to conjure up Johnny Depp's spirit from the mad hatter, I’d like to be mad and glad and happy and gay - well bisexual or pansexual or whatever you want to say - oh no I meant gay as in happy, anyway one side was purple, the other side blue on the eyelids, with sparkly hue.

I felt a bit mad, but to be honest, I might as well be, I’m a writer can’t you see - we’re all a bit on the drift same as any artist.

Though, some think I am a dits because I lose most things for lack of attention but honestly it's mostly from lack of inhibition or at at least that what my mother the behavioural psychologist mentioned which I believe as she's smart and studies the brain and that is where ADHD has came. In the frontal lobe, my executive function is not as strong as the regular population. Though according to her it's much more with communication amongst many different areas of the brain all brought upon with lack of inhibition. (Adding on sober - I’ve recently learned the losing things part is also likely from challenges with object permanence)

But honestly, who cares? I may go on meds soon, but then how can I tell stories of the ridiculousness that ensues when one thing is not filtered and the erroneous seems to matter so much more.

Oh, I hope I do not bore you with my tangential letter.

Usually, I have a question for you to answer. Today has been more of a ramble and me saying hey.

So Seth, really my intended question I suppose before you doze into a slumber that you will not remember - what do you think - Do you think magic exists? Do you think that we are all energy that can affect other people and things like pendulums?

Today a man came to my door from the red cross. I decided just by his smile and my wanting to donate to the red cross anyways that today was the day that I would start to donate. Anyways, he said right away that I have good energy and that I'm someone who believes in magic - and I don't know if this was a selling tactic but his smile and excitement told me otherwise, it told me to engage with this man and let me learn from his exuberance.

He told me of his religion, Sikhism which I know nothing about, and it honestly really intrigued me, and it's not maybe something that I want to follow, as organized religions are not exactly my bag, but it was one of the nicest interpretations yet of what we have in this life. He said that a human soul has lived within millions of other creatures first before being blessed with that of a human body and that at the end of our life it is God’s choice that it ends there, the cycle of reincarnation ends and the energy passes over - to what I’m not sure of exactly. But then he painted this beautiful picture that said look at a soul as if it is a drop of rain that goes back to the ocean. It comes from the ocean, goes up to the sky in the clouds, rains down has its time on earth, and makes its way back to the ocean - what a lovely image, and it did sound better with him speaking than me trying to repeat it through writing a bit drunk and stoned (more body stoned but still).

He also spoke of how everything happens for a reason, destiny, all is meant to be and we have no free will. I do think we have some choice in the matter but things are presented to us that we have no control over and we meet people we are destined to meet. Often at the right time, we are meant to meet them. There have been countless people in my life who feel this way,

My friend Elise, my friend Jeff, this nurse from work Rick and many many more, my friend Jody for sure, and Renee, the last two I do not see as much as I would like and I kinda wish I had left names out of this thing I’m meant to publish online.

Maybe it’s time to say goodbye.

I think so.

But thanks for the listen.

I feel replenished,

Thanks Seth,

I know you don’t know that I’m writing to you.

But I’d like to think if you did, you’d be okay with it.

Cheers buddy!


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