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Dear Seth Rogan - Letter 3 - Cleaning Conundrums

Dear Seth,

I'm writing to you as I lay in my camper with a Thriving warm rib that I Overworked while trying to clean my camper while stoned.

And I came up with a question for my good buddy. Shit, I've broken the rules twice and edited one word. But I think it was a typo so maybe that's not breaking the rules? I'll have to have a think about that tomorrow.

Anyways as I lay here I apologize for being so late to send you another letter. I just hadn't been high in a while so it took some time before I could do so.

My question is, to you, Seth - as someone who knows about how brains work, maybe a behavioural science something. Anyway

Dear Seth- as my neuroscientist best bud,

Do you think that I'm bad at cleaning because I lack the ability to organize, do you think why I can sometimes do better with shared spaces is because not only are they shared so I care more about other people's tidy place then my own, or it's that there's already a system I need follow that has been designed by someone else.

Maybe I actually just cannot create systems of organization because my brain is literally unable to come up with them or if I do come up with them they aren't great and I change them later and it's never gonna get tidy because I'm actually unable to visualize organization.

I'm finding my caper impossible to organize. I definitely have too much stuff, but it's also that my systems mostly suck. Or I don't use them. Because I get lazy and don't want to put things away in the moment, so I don't, then it escalates.

Anyways. I think it's a little of column a and little of column b.

Anyhow. I just think if I have an executive function challenge that could make sense. But I'll get over it as I slowly come up with systems then change them.

That's the whole story.

Thanks Kerry for that one. I had NO idea how to end this letter.

See you Seth!

In my mind (fully clothed! Head out of the gutter!)



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