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Dear Seth Rogan Letter 2- Why is my writing better than my speaking?

Updated: May 21

Dear Seth Rogan,

Right now I am imagining you as my friend in university who is taking a joint major in science and writing because that is who I want you to be for this post so...

Dear Seth Rogan - 3rd year Science and English undergrad,

Why do you think I have such a hard time speaking to people compared to writing?

You know how sometimes I have a hard time speaking and recalling words when I’m trying to talk. I fumble to come up with anything eloquent. Sometimes even lack the capacity to speak in full, grammatically correct sentences…

Do you think that why that is, is PARTLY due to the fact that I love writing so much, but more so that when I was younger I would hide from my babysitter in the closet and write and refrain at all costs from speaking to her due to crippling shyness…. Do you think that because of this my brain created stronger pathways from my language centre to my hands than from my language center to my mouth?

I think so.

It could also just be general performance anxiety hindering my ability and diverting my attention away such that I cannot recall language as quickly because I’m simultaneously imagining what the person will think of my words when I’m trying to say them.

Maybe it's both.

What do you think, Seth, buddy?

Skye Pepper.

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