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Dear Seth Rogan - Letter 1 - an introduction to my new freewriting exercise

Updated: May 21

***Disclaimer: The below article is not intended to actually reach Seth Rogan, and I'm certainly not expecting to get a reply from Seth Rogan. It is a prompted free writing exercise I've given myself and chose to publicize. (As in the letters are a prompt for me to practice writing in a stream of consciousness manner, where I do not stop to edit my thoughts/writing.) Basically, you can think of it as, in these letters, Seth Rogan is my imaginary friend that I like to ask questions to and express my conundrums about life, writing, myself, and whatever else I feel like that day.

Dear Seth Rogan,

This is my first letter to you. I hope you enjoy it and not get frightened by it. In Hollywood, you're a bit of a comedic God. But I like to think of you before your public you when you were at point Grey high school. I'd like to imagine that we would have been friends and I would have asked you lots of annoying questions about life and trivial strife and you'd have hilarious answers that would make me giggle and turn from glum into glee.

Not glee like the show. I hate that show or at least I think I do. I haven't watched much to be fair but what I did made me despair. All the characters seemed so bouncy, boisterous, and unrealistically energetic. I much prefer the vibe of Freaks and Geeks. Which has in it your friend James Franco. My desire to be your friend came from watching pineapple express. I just really wanted to smoke a joint with both of you when I watched it first and that desire has not been quenched and I'm likely to keep that thirst until I get to have a toke and laugh while you joke.

I really think I'd make a great giggle mascot. Every comedian should have one. I've been told by people who are likely only moderately funny that I make them feel like they could be a comedian. So imagine how supportive my laughter could be for an actual comedian.

Other comedians I would like to have as friends are Bret and Jermain from New Zealand. Honestly, I'm not sure what happened to them?

I'm so happy for you that you made it to the big famous land in the states from Vancouver. It makes me feel like it's more accessible to reach my dreams as a writer.

I don't ever expect a response from any of my letters. To be frank I'd be equally ecstatic if you never read this as I know it is so ridiculous.

But I'd also like you to think of these overt fan letters as not fan letters... I am a fan but I'm not a groupie. So no need to worry, I don't want to sleep with you or stalk you. I don't even follow you on social media. Though maybe I will start. (But probably not)

These letters will all be addressed to you but they will be really addressed to a made-up version of you. Who I've created in my mind. I obviously have no idea what you are actually like and for the purpose of the posts, I'll sometimes be pretending that you are you - but in a different time of your life or that you are you but you went a different path in life. Essentially I'm writing to a version of you that has never really been in existence.

In any case, freewriting is fun and a good writing exercise. And I decided to publish the letters as F it, who cares. I'm learning each day to have less shame. I don't really care about fame. But I'd love for my eventual novels to sell. So what the hell, ill put up more random content to hopefully make readers think and either laugh at me or with me.

There are two rules to this blog.

Rule # 1

Going forward, I have to stay true to the free writing component- I have to write down my stream of consciousness without censoring or altering my thoughts. And I have to publish what I write with no alterations/filtering after the fact. Basic editing of typos, spelling, and grammar (so long as it doesn't change sentence structure) is allowed.

Rule # 2

I cannot be entirely sober when I write these. I can be sober when I come up with an idea for a letter topic (prompt) and when I edit for blatant mistakes.

By no means am I saying that I will, or should be baked-off-my-tree or fall-down-drunk. But in the spirit of staying true to the idea that I'm asking you questions as a friend- well there's no way we'd be having these discussions sober…

So with this, I'll end. I'll let you get back to doing whatever important sh*t famous people do.

I bid you adieu.


Skye Pepper

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